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Taking on Cancer, Heads Held High

“People come to me and say, ‘Why would you as a hairdresser want I to work with cancer patients every day; it must make you sad and depressed?’ I just tell them that I get the opportunity to help them deal with the situation and help give them the confidence that they can beat it,” says Eivind Bjerke.

Norwegians Bjerke and Hans Kalset, owners of the Eivind and Hans of Georgetown Salon and Spa in Washington, D.C. help women deal with cancer in their own way.
By offering makeovers and hair replacement, they give women dealing with cancer the spirit and help they need to keep fighting the disease.

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As seen in the Washingtonian “Dealing with Cancer: Services”

We are very pleased that the ‘Washingtonian’ has mentioned us in its recent feature on services to help ease the lives of cancer patients.   For years, we have been providing wigs and hair replacement solutions to help cancer patients overcome the challenges of cancer related hair loss.

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