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“Hair loss, hair thinning and cancer drugs”

Cancer Research UK has created a comprehensive page about hair loss from cancer treatment which provides useful information on several issues including: coping with hair loss, reducing hair loss through cold caps, covering your head, hair re-growth and patient stories & suggestions.

The page provides straightforward information and suggestions to face hair loss and thinning due to cancer drugs while giving an honest view of expectations after treatments have concluded. Among the very practical and personal suggestions there is a 7 minute video were a cancer survivor named Sheena Almquist explains the use of head scarves, hats and coverings.  The video describes what scarves and fabrics will work while effortlessly teaching you how to place them on your head in very easy movements.

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“Chemotherapy and hair loss: What to expect during treatment”

The Mayo Clinic presents a thoughtful picture of hair loss due to chemotherapy while also providing recommendations for protecting your hair as well as treating remaining hair gently. Just as the suggestion for cutting your hair before treatment begins, other alternatives are presented in detail such as planning ahead for covering your head and protecting your scalp.

The article also describes hair loss resulting from radiation. While this hair loss is usually specific to the area being treated the doses will also affect skin which should also be cared for.

Most of all, the article instructs us to use our energy wisely, recognizing the importance of hair to our outward appearance but expressing the need to focus on our health.

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1992 Washingtonian of the Year

Eivind Bjerke: Tender Touch and New Outlook

Several times a month, hair-dresser Eivind Bjerke goes to the Lombardi Cancer Cen¬ter at Georgetown University Hospital and talks to women with cancer. He is one of a team of hair stylists, makeup artists, manicurists, and others who take part in the Look Good … Feel Better program, which picks up where health professionals leave off, teaching people how to live with the side effects of cancer.

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