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Book Cover: Hair Force One: From Norwegian Immigrant to Official White House Hairdresser - By Eivind Bjerke
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Hair Force One
From Norwegian Immigrant to Official Hairdresser for the White House

“Buckle up—I’m taking you on a Hair Force One ride.”

From cow-milking stool to stylist’s chair to a regular seat on Air Force One—this is the story of a young Norwegian immigrant working his way off the farm and into the trust of two presidential families, a queen, a prime minister, and dozens of America’s biggest names, including several still making headlines today. This down-to-earth memoir from hairdresser Eivind Bjerke, owner of Eivind and Hans of Georgetown Salon and Spa, shares the optimism, humor, and style that made him a favorite in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

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Looking good is an important step towards feeling better

In the fifth part of FOX 5’s series, ‘Cancer: Fight over Fear’, Ayesha Khan steps into Eivind’s salon and gets a demonstration of how beauty can be restored.

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Published originally in El País

The Big-Handed Farmer Who Styled the Ladies of the White House

“I never thought while milking cows that I was going to end up touring the world on Air Force One”, says the 76-year-old hairdresser at his luxurious beauty salon in the Georgetown neighborhood of the US capital. The front door to the White House was opened by Lynda Johnson, daughter of former President Lyndon B. Johnson, who had her hair done with him at the first hair salon that hired him.

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